Pests BMPs

  • Conduct thorough assessments of pest pressure.
  • Establish appropriate pest thresholds for managed turf areas.
  • Identify and correct growing environments that exacerbate pest pressure.
  • Implement sanitation, exclusion, and cultural practices to minimize pest pressure.
  • Determine least toxic pest control programs including preventive approaches.
  • Assess control program effectiveness using established monitoring practices.
  • Recognize environmental fate of pesticides and select pesticides using a selection strategy that includes an evaluation of pesticide characteristics and potential for nontarget effects.
  • Ensure full compliance with existing pesticide regulations, including applicator and technician certification and following all label directions.
  • Adapt or implement as many NYS Department of Environmental Conservation pesticide storage guidelines as possible.
  • Assess site and weather conditions thoroughly before applying pesticides to avoid the potential for runoff, leaching, or drift.